AiQ Consulting – Soaring through 2015

Showing our finance team our ongoing projects.

From new projects to new services, new team members and new achievements; AiQ Consulting has had a fantastic year. We have surpassed our own expectations, and that of our clients, to what we can achieve for Airport Owners, Management, Airlines, Ground handlers and many other stakeholders in the aviation industry. As we wind down to the end of 2015, we thought it was time to reflect on our successes, and think about the ones to come in 2016!

Success in 2015

Our contract providing Airside Operations Simulations for the whole of Heathrow Airport had been renewed for the second year running. We were also appointed to carry out operational planning work for Heathrow’s T3IB, the first integrated baggage system in the UK using robotics. These innovative projects, the T3 New Baggage System Transition planning and T3 Baggage Automation planning, will allow one of Europe’s busiest airports to dramatically increase efficiency throughout the terminal.

Instructed by Heathrow Airports Limited (HAL), we undertook a Capacity Study of LHR Terminal 5 Arrivals Reclaims to understand whether capacity of Arrivals Hall could be increased. We analysed the storage of baggage trollies between reclaims, as a way of increasing capacity, a great benefit for the airport.

Our other key projects in 2015 at Heathrow included GSE (Ground Services Equipment) Pooling study, Ground Handler Licensing database, Ground Handler Contract Change planning, Swissport Airside Lorry study and the T5 HBS (Hold Baggage Screening) ECAC Standard 3 capacity study.

In Manchester, the Check-in & Baggage Make-up optimization study, aims to get the best out of the existing terminals over the next three years until Manchester’s new T2 Development comes on stream. We also worked at Birmingham Airport, providing Baggage System Specification and Tendering support.

A new challenge

We looked further into customer behaviour and footfall in airports with our Holistic Passenger and Behaviour Demand Model this year, giving us a fascinating insight into airports. Through our project at Heathrow, the All Terminals PRM & Premium Buggy simulation & capacity study, we can now gain far more detail on passenger behaviour, knowing where passengers are and what they are doing, at any given time. This helps us, and our clients, invaluably when considering capacity and demand forecasting.

As a further expansion into this, we developed a free downloadable white paper with our sister hospitality consultancy, HiQ Consulting. Exploring the relationship between airport operators and retail concessions, this white paper, Operating Food Brands within an Airport Market, combined their knowledge of successful operations in Food & Beverage Brands within Airports and our unique understanding of Behaviour Modelling in Terminals and Passenger footprint in large airport hubs.

Following those successes, we went into more depth with the holistic services we can offer airports. Airport capacity is often stretched beyond its limits and our new airport operational efficiency services allow us to view challenges from all angles, providing capacity solutions that the client may not have considered, and offering insights that increase their operational efficiency without the need for additional investment.

For GMR Hyderabad International Airport, we were asked to undertake a Terminal Capacity Assessment, utilising the existing Terminal footprint. Working with the GMR Management Team, Gebler Tooth Architects and ADC, we were required to provide resource and spatial demand against IATA Ed 10 standards including Kerbside, External Screening, Check-in, Emigration, Internal Screening, Retail and Gates. This was a challenge that opened our eyes to different cultures and how this can affect passenger behaviour and demand.

A great team

We’ve been honoured to be joined by some exceptionally talented and passionate members of staff this year. As we continue to surpass the expectations of clients and stakeholders alike, it is our team who should truly take the credit for making such a difference. With a combined 75 years experience in aviation industry, 11 languages and a track record in almost 30 airports, our team has the ability, innovation and interest to take on any airport capacity project worldwide.

Adrian Stratta joined us this year, bringing an extraordinary level of experience and knowledge. We were lucky enough to look back at some of his earlier projects in a series of blogs , as he explained to us how he created real benefits and turnarounds in international logistics and services divisions, as well as bringing insights into how AiQ could have provided tangible benefits on previous projects.

Emmanouil Charitakis, joined us as Airport Capacity Analyst based at Heathrow in April this year. He has been involved in several innovative projects already, including the Heathrow T31B project and Manchester Airport Check-In and Baggage Automation project.

We have also been strengthening our business development and marketing team with the appointment of Agnieszka Kwolek, our Business Development Coordinator. Aga will be providing Business Development support for the AiQ Senior Management team and building strong working relationships with both internal and external clients worldwide. With over 14 years experience in the airline industry, Aga shares the passion for Aviation and Business Development reflected throughout AiQ.

What’s next?

AiQ Consulting will travel further afield in 2016, pursing new opportunities worldwide in areas such as India, UAE, Qatar and Kuwait.

We’re also looking ahead to the development of the 2 1/2 D simulation software for TransvisionAiR™, which began this year, allowing us to build a bigger and better toolkit for our projects. Our bespoke simulation modelling tool creates clear airport capacity scenario models to enable efficient decision making, and its redevelopment can only mean more benefits for our clients.

Finally, we’d like to thank all the airports, clients, stakeholders and suppliers we have worked with this year – here’s to an even bigger and better 2016!