AiQ wants to Let Britain Fly

With a staggering amount of well-known companies and business leaders as signatories, the ‘Let Britain Fly’ campaign looks to make a real impact in the aviation industry.

Bringing together the UK’s business elite as a political force, the campaign aims to expand airport capacity in London and the South East to support jobs and growth. With Heathrow already reach full capacity and Gatwick and Stansted soon to follow suit, the organization believes that failing to act now to increase airport capacity will have a negative impact on the economy. They aim to build cross-party support to build new runways.

AiQ Consulting welcomes and will support the ‘Let Britain Fly’ campaign. Working with airport owners, airlines and suppliers every day, we see the pressures our clients are under to deliver an efficient and exceptional passenger experience, which is competitive in relation to our neighbouring and worldwide airports. AiQ work to help airport professionals realise the capacity they have on site without the need for further investment or justify investment however we can only work with the space we have. Heathrow, in particular, is the most space restricted airport in the world. It will be interesting to see if this campaign helps the government and all political parties prioritise Britain’s airport capacity issues.

We will be following the campaign with interest, and supporting it how we can. Meanwhile, we will do what we do best – helping our clients realise capacity in any ways they can, and working with them to create operation efficiencies that really make a difference.

You can find out more about the Let Britain Fly campaign here