Putting Low Cost to the Test

AiQ works with many clients – from airport operators to handlers – and we always ensure that their needs are met. Whether it is providing input into baggage systems or designing a new terminal, we can provide operational efficiencies, increased capacity and an enhanced passenger experience.

This is something that is crucial when we work with Low Cost airports. Although for these airports the budgets are less, we do not put the client’s needs at any lower priority. In fact, in most of our case studies we have used this to an advantage, looking at ways to increase revenue by redesigning forecourts and drop off areas.

For example, whilst working for both Belfast and Cardiff airports, we were able to design of landside car parks to ensure a smooth passenger flow throughout the process. By designing the layout to discourage fly parking and by introducing a pay to drop product, we were able to create efficiencies in the parking flow, decrease delays, increase revenue and contribute to the enhanced security needed for such areas after the Glasgow bomb attempt in 2007.

Although stripped back to the base level, we can still make significant changes at smaller airports that can increase footfall, improve punctuality and achieve required security standards. Our work with traffic flows can also increase efficiencies, as we know how airport traffic, airside and landside, ebbs and flows. Many airports focus solely on covering capacity on the busiest of days, forgetting that for many days of the year, traffic is much less. With our simulation tool, Transvision AiR, we can map out the data in minutes, hours or days, and allow them to view what really happens as an overall picture. The bespoke tool provide simple graphics to convey the information, rather than costly animation, once again providing the value for money our Low Cost clients want.

Using AiQ also reduces the need for costly investment, as we work with our clients to realize unseen capacity throughout the apron, airfield or terminal. Expansion is a hot topic among airports, and it is not often possible. Even working within the busiest, most space restricted airport in the world, Heathrow, AiQ have found ways of releasing capacity where it was not expected that has allowed the airport to increase capability. We have devised unique ways of working with FCS that has allowed the airport, its operators and ground handlers to find much needed space, by placing full tins on roofs, laybys and much more.

The challenge is to provide maximum efficiency and flexibility for the client at minimal cost. This is a challenge that we readily accept in many Low Cost airports, and more. If you’d like to find out more about our work, look at low cost case studies or contact us.