Understanding footfall in your airport

Food and beverage concessions

How to Maximise Revenue and Ensure a Quality Passenger Experience

Ever wondered how useful would it be in understand the footfall in your airport? To know where your passengers are at any given moment, 24/7? To understand their behaviour, their movements, and how to place your food and retail concessions to get maximum revenue?

AiQ, and our sister consultancy, HiQ Consulting, have the answers. Using our Terminal Passenger Behaviour Modelling Tool we have built a simulation that covers passenger behaviour in all areas of the terminal, something that can be a great advantage to airports.

As one of the few streams of revenue, increasing the results from food and retail concessions can make a big difference to your profits. Knowing where to place these concessions in order to get the most from your passengers will increase sales and, therefore, your percentage of revenue.

Need to know the peaks and troughs? The likelihood of unexpected demand? Where your passengers are going and what they need according to different seasonal schedules? We can tell you this and more.

Our partnership with HiQ also brings unique advantages. As experts in the hospitality industry, they have over 60 years experience covering all types of pubs and restaurants, transport hubs, sports and exhibition venues, cafes and delis. They are experts in hospitality operations, guest interactions, improving businesses performance and effective communication across business teams, and bring this specialist knowledge to our Airport clients.

After holding Senior positions in hospitality, including, for example, head of operations at Gatwick Airport; they bring practical airport operational expertise that ensures a great customer experience and an increase in profits. This is not just focused on placement and customer behaviour, but on brands, marketing and operations.

The logistics of running food and drink concessions in Airports is fraught with potential error – being unequipped to deal with unexpected surges in demand, ordering, cleanliness, presentation and bringing staff airside are all issues that can and will affect a brand’s reputation and potential sales if not handled correctly.

With AiQ’s Airport capacity knowledge and HiQ’s operational experience, we are unrivalled in placing your food and drink concessions in the optimum position for maximum revenue.

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