AiQ brings operational airport intelligence to Cranfield

AiQ - Operational airport intelligence

AiQ is delighted to open a new office at Cranfield University Technology Park. We bring our operational airport intelligence and practical expertise to the leading global aviation research centre.

This office enables our team to support sustainable aviation initiatives and deepen relationships with industry leaders, aviation research and university academics. Our additional office at Heathrow World Business Centre 3 situates us perfectly to support London, UK regional and worldwide airports.

From advancing sustainable aviation initiatives to sharing expertise with lecturers and students, over the years we have enjoyed strong links with Cranfield University. Find out more about these below.

Advancing Sustainable Aviation

AiQ is a proactive force in airport innovation. Working with industry experts and academics, our award-winning team share operational knowledge and analytical skills to advance sustainable initiatives. Our links with Cranfield University and other industry experts will strengthen this position.

The Airport of the Future – Urban Turbine

Urban Turbine

What will the airport of the future look like? This big question created a research concept called ‘The Urban Turbine’. Founded and led by Henrik Rothe, the senior lecturer of Airport Planning and Management at Cranfield University. The project brings together key industry leaders to develop the airport of the future concept. Since its inception, AiQ has been a supporting partner. Our multi-dimensionally skilled team have been analysing the passenger experience to seek efficient solutions for a seamless stress-free journey. In addition to exploring better integration of airport functions including the baggage free concept. Read more about Urbine Turbine in Passenger Terminal World Magazine P84-90.

Aircraft Electrification – eVTOL

Future of Aviation - eVTOL

As our commitment to the sustainable future of aviation, we invest time in analysing eVTOL ground infrastructure. eVTOL is the acronym for Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing. Led by eVTOL expert, Darrell Swanson, AiQ and Pascal+Watson analysed air terminal capacity for eVTOLs. This was based on the number of operations per hour for a range of eVTOL types. Read more about the scope of the project here. Since then, we have joined the NASA Transition Vertical Flight Roadmap working group to further explore the potential of vertical flights as a new form of air transportation. Last year, we also welcomed a dedicated EVTOL research Intern from Cranfield University to further our analysis. Over 3 months, Anirudh Kampli, researched capabilities for short term urban air-taxi, local package delivery and aircrane lift systems. We look forward to publishing these results later in the year.

As the only University in Europe with its own airport, Cranfield offers a unique spectrum of capabilities and facilities for the development of aircraft electrification including the Digital Aviation Research and Technology Centre (DARTeC). Now we have an office at Cranfield, we look forward to widening our support to the electrification initiatives on the campus.

Recruiting talent from Cranfield University

Cranfield University is a world-renowned centre for master’s degree qualifications, particularly for Airport Planning and Management. Since the launch of AiQ, we have built relationships with the University, helping to find the most talented individuals for our business. AiQ are the iQ to airports delivering intelligent airport solutions, so recruiting the very best talent is important to us. Over the last 10 years, we have welcomed six Alumni students from Cranfield University.

Discover here who from our team are Cranfield University Alumni

Developing partnerships at Cranfield

As we settle into our new office on the Cranfield University campus, splitting our time between this office and Heathrow, we look forward to developing trusted partnerships and seeking new collaborations to support the airport’s sustainable future and learning.

We would be delighted to welcome you to our new office. Book a visit here