Airport Optimisation Planning Service

Airport Planning

Optimise your processes and save costs by taking a deep dive into your recovering operation with our cost-effective, fast, and award-winning airport operational planning service.


Airport Operational Planning & Airport Optimisation


You can optimise your headcount and staff costs by using AiQ, the operational and analytical airport experts, providing planning activities across the 16 key airport processes below.

  • 1. COVID-19 Health Screening
  • 2. Trollies
  • 3. Check-in
  • 4. Departure Baggage
  • 5. Emigration
  • 6. Passenger Security including Control Posts
  • 7. PRMs
  • 8. Departure Lounge
  • 9. Boarding Gates & Bussing
  • 10. Immigration
  • 11. Baggage Reclaim
  • 12. Aircraft Stands
  • 13. Aircraft Turnaround
  • 14. GSE
  • 15. ULD
  • 16. Runway


  • Onsite surveys to validate planning principles
  • Using your rapidly changing schedules as a key input
  • Run multiple scenarios and compare outcomes
  • Using straight forward assumptions
  • Simple visual outputs
  • Access to world-class planning & operational expertise
  • Flexible service
  • Regular management & trend reports
  • Configured to your local regulatory needs
  • Simple Managed Service Agreement
  • Quick recommendations


You will benefit from our dedicated world-class airport operational planners who rapidly react to needs using our in-house modelling software, Airport Recovery Tool ARTΔ.  Developed from years of experience at UK and Worldwide airports such as Heathrow and other regional airports.

Leveraging our cost-effective airport planning service will help airports, ground service providers and other stakeholders adjust to new operational norms faster and more efficiently than using traditional in-house airport planning services.

Our prices may surprise you – in a good way! Contact us for a rapid quote.


  • Save money with an optimised operation
  • Optimises your headcount & staff costs
  • Provides accurate resource planning information
  • Assists with faster & better management decisions
  • Delivered by an award-winning team of industry experts
  • Operational efficiency across the entire airport
  • Avoids software licensing costs
  • Flexible & scalable service offering
  • Fast service that responds to sudden business changes
  • Supports Stakeholder & Union negotiations
  • Remain compliant