AiQ - Airport Consultancy

Airport Planning

Optimise your processes and save costs by taking a deep dive into your recovering operation with our cost-effective, fast, and award-winning airport operational planning service.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a new world for airports bringing unprecedented challenges and complexities to your entire operation and economics of your airport. A new world requires a new approach.

Our solution is to provide a better, cheaper, faster, scalable, and more flexible planning service than traditional in-house planning.

KEY CAPABILITIESAirport Planning Service Capabilities



You can reduce your headcount and staff costs by using AiQ, the operational and analytical airport experts, providing planning activities across the 14 key airport processes below.

  • 1. Health Screening
  • 2. Check-in
  • 3. Departure Baggage
  • 4. Boarding Gates
  • 5. Emigration
  • 6. Passenger Security
  • 7. Departure Lounge
  • 8. Immigration
  • 9. Baggage Reclaim
  • 10. Aircraft Stands
  • 11. Aircraft Turnaround
  • 12. GSE
  • 13. ULD
  • 14. Runway


Our flexible and fast service supports airport managers at all levels to make complex daily operational and strategic planning decisions created by ever-changing flight schedules and new health measures.

  • Free set-up & trial period
  • Simple Managed Service Agreement
  • Agreed Service levels including same-day turnaround service
  • Configured to your local regulatory needs
  • Calibrated to your airport & airline operating rules
  • Access to world-class planning knowledge
  • ‘Fixed’ and ‘on-demand’ services
  • ‘Remote’ or ‘on-site’ service
  • Regular Operational &/or Development team updates
  • Regular management & trend reporting


You will benefit from our dedicated world-class airport planners and simulation engineers who will rapidly react to your needs using our in-house modelling airport planning tools known as TransvisionAiR® including our new tool, Airport Recovery Tool ARTΔ

Leveraging our cost-effective airport planning service will help airports and stakeholders adjust to new operational norms faster and cheaper than using traditional in-house airport planning.

Our costs may surprise you. Our low overheads and minimal hierarchy allow us to pass cost savings onto our clients to help them recover through these challenging times.


  • Save money with an optimised operation
  • Optimises your headcount & staff costs
  • Provides accurate resource planning information
  • Assists with faster & better management decisions
  • Delivered by an award-winning team of industry experts
  • Remain compliant
  • Operational efficiency across the entire airport
  • Avoids software licensing costs
  • Flexible & scalable service offering
  • Fast service that responds to sudden business changes
  • Supports Stakeholder & Union negotiations
  • Remain compliant