Our approach to Big Data and what it means for your airport

AiQ - Airport Consultancy

AiQ finds the most effective methodology to solve problems in the quick-moving and reactive Aviation industry, particularly around Operations, Resilience, Future Demand and Capacity. We model or simulate at the level of detail that Big Data can support, and aim to provide appropriate analysis and forecasts based on realistic assumptions and processes.

Our method

AiQ aims to determine the appropriate level of modelling from the requirements of each individual airport we work with. This can range from a simple pivot graph in a spreadsheet through to a minimal 2D model and all the way to a fully realized 3D simulation, perhaps with virtual reality. We are realistic, pragmatic and agile, working with the entire airport in their language and focusing on the issues that are affecting them.

The solution we present needs to be “Competent” rather than “Perfect”. Perfection is expensive, slow and ultimately unattainable. Competent and adequate is quick, sufficient and realizable, and requires:

  • An adequate understanding of the issues.
  • Willingness to survey and research.
  • Asking questions and probing
  • Maintaining a good relationship with all stakeholders.
  • Accepting that all forecasting and planning is subject to uncertainty, and to minimize that uncertainty where possible.
  • Assessment of the statistical risk inherent in any data set

This approach allows us to construct a sufficiently representative model that effectively utilizes the available data, processing enough options and variations to fully explore the required issues. We then provide competent decision support by presenting the model outcomes in an understandable form and disclosing the assumptions and risks.

Our Tools

The magnitude of the problem determines the tools we use to get the best return on investment for the client, as well as ensuring it is fit for purpose. Our tailored approach enables us to recommend and demonstrate the best solution for our client for any project.

Our in-house holistic demand, capacity and simulation tool TransvisionAiR™ combines flight, passenger, baggage and vehicle flows in a single model. This bespoke tool and others, such as Unity, allows us to rapidly adapt or solve requirements not previously identified. From simple 2D presentations to immersive Virtual Reality experiences, we explore every option to find the most suitable for our clients.

Every airport is different and every project needs a unique approach. AiQ Consulting has taken this approach and built into the foundations of what we do, from Big Data, simulations and the language we use. Talk to us today to find out more.