Providing Decision Support for Long Term Planning

AiQ Consulting provides intelligent airport consultancy, for capacity planning and operational efficiency, for many airports worldwide. This support is not just based on short-term solutions, whether it is pop up terminals or new ways around capacity problems. Our work can assist airports in long term planning, deciding on the suitability of further investments and creating buy in with key stakeholders.

With the use of our bespoke 2D simulation software, Transvision AiR, we not only help our clients with everyday operations but can also provide decision support for long term planning.

Deciding on future plans can be a costly and involved process, both in terms of actual investment and impact on operations and passenger satisfaction, not to mention negotiations with suppliers and other stakeholders. By taking advantage of AiQ’s years of experience, management consultancy and clear, impactful simulations, our clients can know if they will get a return on their investment and make researched, considered decisions, before committing to anything.

This is particularly useful given the tendency for tensions between the middle management operational level and senior management in the aviation industry. Our simulations and experience help both parties come to decisions to the benefit of the entire airport, often saving money and increasing capacity as we do so.

It also increases buy-in with key stakeholders. Being able to prove the effectiveness of investments beforehand, with clear and insightful simulations, can shorten the decision making process and create a more efficient management team. As airports typically have a lot of stakeholders, from ground handlers to shareholders, this is a huge benefit to our clients.

Our decision support for medium and long term planning is typically based on five, six or ten year planning cycles, looking at ‘what if’ scenarios, improving operation efficiency and optimising capacity.

AiQ Consulting’s integrated, experienced and authoritative approach gives our clients confidence. Providing operational efficiency strategy; decision making support for long term planning; and airport capacity planning and assessments from hub to pop up airports, we create and realise capacity throughout our projects, creating added benefits as standard and preventing unnecessary investment.

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