Walking you around the Walkabout

One of the highlights of our days is the walkabout – taking time to travel around the airports we work in to collect data, view airside layout changes and take time to talk to stakeholders.

We do official ‘walkabout’s (surveys) of Heathrow once every quarter – This is where we assess the whole of the airport to see what has changed and collect relevant data. It may be that car parking allocations have altered, a temporary building has been erected or a construction project has taken some land – this may cause problems if we have targeted this space as possible land to solve a capacity problem!

These walkabouts are invaluable for the services we deliver – we know that the airport is an ever changing, developing place with continuous organic growth. Recognising any changes as they occur, and knowing all aspects of the airport, allows us to deliver our unique, holistic service. It’s unusual for any airport consultants or professional to actual know the airport inside out like we do. We ‘eyeball’ the whole airport to get to know every nook and cranny.

In addition to these official walkabouts, we take note of any changes whilst taking stakeholder and colleagues round the airport.

Because of our vast knowledge of the airport we recently assisted Natwest with an asset survey. A recent visit with Andrew Clarke, Director of Business Banking – Chilterns Natwest, and Hannah West from Lombard gave them a unique insight into London Heathrow.

Natwest \Walkabout of Heathrow

Andrew gave us his thanks by email:

“Many thanks for such an exciting and interesting trip behind the scenes at LHR last Friday.

I have to say in all of my 25 years Banking career I have not had the opportunity to experience, or come close to such varied operations, in particular getting onto the ramp areas and within an arms length of the aircraft.”

We also ensure that our team get the chance to visit whenever they can, to ensure they are up to date with changes and get a real feel for our projects in situ. Both our Marketing and Finance Teams have taken the time to walk around Heathrow Terminals 1 and 5, giving them an insight that they can apply to their roles within AiQ

Showing our finance team our ongoing projects.

These walkarounds are vital to our understanding of the stakeholders, contractors and passengers in all the airports we work in and for. As we understand and realise capacity and operational efficiency, it helps to see how this works ‘on the ground’ as well as within modelling systems and tools.

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