Health Screening Solutions for Airports

Health Screening

Provide passengers with the confidence to travel again with our vision for an efficient health screening process and effective facilities.

AiQ is working with a consortium of partners to guide, set up and operate possible Heath Screening modular Coronavirus screening stations to airports worldwide.

The modular Coronavirus screening stations could offer flexible, rapidly deployed facilities that are uniquely designed for airports and other critical national infrastructures.

Our vision for semi-permanent health screening facilities are to be modular and therefore scalable, offsite fabricated and fully fitted with relevant equipment. They are free standing, self-contained and environmentally treated as well as self-sufficient in terms of energy provision.

Possible Health Screening Options

Two options are feasible for temperature screening, both offering remote screening.

Option A – depends upon a screening operative using a hand held temperature screening device, and then checking /recording the data.

Throughput rate is likely to be approx. 180 pax per hour for this process.

Option B – utilises thermal imaging camera technology to capture temperatures of passengers, and then automatically raise an alarm status if the temperature threshold is breached.

Throughput rate for this process is likely to be 720 pax per hour.

Both options use existing technology and screening methods.

Health Screening Process Vision

Health screening will become the new norm for airports and needs to be embedded into an already complex process.

Fast, simple & pragmatic, our Airport Recovery Tool, ARTΔ will determine the health screening process and resource needs to maintain a safe and smooth passenger journey. Utilising our deep operational knowledge of over 20 years and using ARTΔ, our team can predict your demand, plan out your process and determine resources required faster and more cost effective than internal teams.

Based on your flight schedules and using ARTΔ, we can determine:

  • Number of processing stations
  • Queuing and waiting times
  • Staffing required
  • PPE requirements and quantities
  • Testing kit quantities
  • Sanitisation across the process
  • Throughput rate

Benefits to you

  • Complete health screening solution
  • Facilities proposed within your current capacity
  • Resources and staff levels against LoS
  • PPE & testing kit requirements determined according to demand
  • Sanitisation procedures planned out for passenger confidence
  • Smooth and efficient process incorporating new Health Screening Measures
  • Visual impact on operational process
  • Safety and confidence of passengers
  • Visual impact on operational process
  • Provide key data such as throughput rate
  • React quickly to sudden business changes
  • Identify constraints before they occur
  • Provide input for stakeholder acceptance
  • Operational efficiency across the entire airport