AiQ scoops Net Zero Heathrow Supplier Award 2023!

AiQ are very proud to be named as winners of the SME Net Zero award at the Heathrow Supplier Awards 2023. AiQ provide aviation consultancy including operations, optimisation and modelling to Heathrow and this industry accolade recognises and celebrates their efforts in helping to achieve Heathrow’s strategic aims and their plan for sustainable growth Heathrow 2.0.

Heathrow are committed to operating a net zero-carbon airport infrastructure by 2030 and support the overall UK aviation industry allegiance to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050. AiQ’s submission was based on their work for the Heathrow Below Wing Business Change team supporting the Carbon Workstream Working Group to formulate the roadmap for the Carbon Sustainability Delivery Committee. In short, AiQ enabled the initiation of the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) airside project.

Winning this award shows that AiQ are leading the way on the journey to net zero and in doing so are an outstanding contributor to Heathrow in its net zero targets. Using meaningful measurement AiQ have embraced the challenge and worked hard to deliver a great result whilst spreading best practise as part of the wider net zero movement.

Neil Pritchard, Head of Below Wing Business Change said, “With AiQ’s in-depth knowledge of airside operations and Stakeholder relationships, they were able to formulate the airside ZEV conversion requirements efficiently and effectively. AiQ’s subsequent analysis was key in defining the overall requirements, timelines, carbon savings and strategy. This work represents a significant contribution to our Sustainability and Carbon programme as well as meeting our overall Heathrow 2.0 objectives.”

Adrian Todd, CEO at AiQ, said, “I’m extremely proud that AiQ has picked up the Net Zero award from Heathrow, this is a major endorsement of AiQ by Britain’s aviation hub. I want to commend our outstanding team who work hard to provide a first class service and strive to deliver Heathrow’s core values and priorities every day. We are very proud of this project and its contribution to Heathrow’s net zero targets and we look forward to continuing to provide an excellent service as Heathrow expands over the coming years.”

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Photograph shows from left to right: Anushka Padhye, Nomaan Asghar, Mevin Varghese, Vikki Knight and Adrian Todd joined on stage by members of Team Heathrow and fellow winners Mott Macdonald.