Expanding Our Toolkit – A New Way to Visualize with Sim3D


AiQ Consulting have improved our simulation modelling services with the fast becoming ‘defacto’ package in the aviation industry, Sim3D. We are pleased to announce our team is now fully trained in Sim3D, expanding our current service offering for clients.

The new system works seamlessly alongside, and complements, our bespoke 2½D modeling tool, TransvisionAiR™. We are now able to offer our clients a holistic method of looking at demand, capacity and passenger flow in their airports.


Sim3D is a simulation and emulation modelling tool that allows us to model baggage, passenger and apron vehicles in a 3D environment to represent realistic behaviour in a more visually engaging way for all stakeholders involved. It helps us, and our clients:

  • Analyse system throughput
  • Identify bottlenecks
  • Dimension layouts accurately
  • Test out different operational modes

A more efficient and effective tool than older systems such as VSSM and AutoMod, it also offers much more in the way of value for money to clients.


The unique 2½D modelling software of TransvisionAiR™ develops simulations that accurately model all processes, passenger and baggage flows throughout airports. Working with and integrating up-to-date databases with assumptions, rules and actual data, our clients can review demand, flow and capacity within:

  • Flight schedules
  • Airlines
  • Ground handlers
  • Vehicles
  • Passengers and more

Using the demand modeling of TransvisionAiR™ alongside the realistic interpretation provided by Sim3D, we allow our clients to increase their understanding of how current and proposed systems respond to changes and realise the effects of new technology without having to make costly investments.

This unique set up of TransvisionAiR™ and Sim3D has already brought benefits to a recent AiQ Consulting project at Sydney Airport. We were asked to provide independent, expert knowledge in order to validate the effect of new technology, such as Early Bag Stores and Bag Drops on Sydney Airport’s current baggage system. Using both TransvisionAiR™ and Sim3D, we produced a comprehensive 3D simulation of their baggage system to substantiate the improvements new technology would make on capacity, flexibility and passenger experience.

This allowed the client to fully understand the impact that any changes and improvements on the baggage system would have before making any unnecessary investment costs, and gave them the chance to bring ‘what if?’ scenarios to life.