Supporting airports adapt to our new world

Our airport community is in a period of unprecedented change. Expert knowledge, accurate data and smart decisions will help every airport owner, operator, airline, handler, service professional and product supplier adapt to our new world.

AiQ Consulting have 20 years of considerable operational experience, and involvement in projects across the entire airport from kerbside to airspace throughout the world. Our office is located at the World Business Centre at Heathrow Airport. In close proximity to Heathrow airport and with airside passes and an operating licence, in normal circumstances our team can be found everyday within the terminals and airside, visiting clients and keeping up to date on all airport processes.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, like many of our stakeholders, our team are operating in the safe comfort of their own home. We are still open and ready to support you. Whatever your requirements through your consolidation and recovery, as practical airport operational experts, we can react quickly to provide expert advice and produce models that enable you to make smart informed decisions that protect your operation and reduce risk.

New Airport Recovery Tool

It’s also time for us to pause from what has been an extremely busy few years and spend time finalising our new scenario modelling software tool ready to support airports to consolidate, recover and adapt to the fast-changing business climate. Reopening your airport with new and ever-changing flight schedules is unprecedented. Our new Airport Recovery Tool, is a licensable rapid scenario modelling tool, ideal for constantly changing demand and schedules allowing flexible operational and resource planning. Based on your predicted flight schedules using simplified assumptions, the tool will rapidly provide accurate information on 12 key resource requirements throughout the airport from kerbside to aircraft and will help to understand resource levels against levels of service. In this fast-changing business climate, this fast and simple tool will give airport managers at all levels the confidence on key management decisions to manage a flexible operation whilst optimising operating costs in the challenging times ahead.

Look out for further announcements regarding our new ‘Airport Recovery Tool’. Meanwhile, should you wish to have a virtual demo of the tool, contact us here.

Never has it been so essential to work together.