The intelligence behind AiQ

As we have discussed in our previous blogs demand forecasting and capacity planning rely on good data and expert analysis and interpretation of that data. AiQ Consulting are immersed in the whole operation to ensure we know every little detail to provide highly detailed analysis, insight and solutions.

Knowledge of working with different ‘worlds’

Terminal, baggage, cargo, apron, border force, security etc are often called different ‘worlds’ at the airport involving many different stakeholders. Each stakeholder has a deep knowledge of their specialist area of operation. They have different corporate languages and different priorities. They also have different objectives, different vested interests and different perspectives. We often facilitate between these different worlds.

Reallocating an aircraft to a different stand may seem simple but can have operational knock-on effects for different stakeholders. We have deep operational knowledge of the complexity of the airport and how the different specialist functions work with each other.

Working with complex organisations

We often have to work across airport functions acknowledging the functional silos that can exist. Often people employing our services are deep experts in their own part of the airport world but do not have that deep knowledge of functions up-stream or down-stream. The bigger picture can be all important in framing a problem and deriving workable, pragmatic solutions that work holistically across the airport. Cross-functional teams show greater transparency and as an independent third party we can cut across the silos and maximise interaction and collaboration bringing tangible long lasting benefits to airport stakeholders.

Stakeholder management

We are able to take complex propositions and turn them into simply articulated solutions.

There are a range of different types of stakeholder at an airport ranging from large hub airlines to a small out station ground handler. The ground handler might not have the corporate language or resources to make themselves heard or understood leading to frustration all round.

AiQ are facilitators with management consultancy skills

We can translate and act as facilitators. This is a mainstream consultancy skill set and is a heritage of the founder/owners of AiQ who have a management consultancy pedigree of over 30 years.

All AiQ planners and analysts are trained and mentored in these management consultancy techniques and skills. Mentoring is a constant process and senior members of the AiQ team are passionate about passing on these management consultancy skills and helping colleagues to progress their careers.

We play many different roles in different worlds, and we are agile to fit in with our clients’ organisation and culture. All our work also involves dealing with people at an individual level. We often need the human touch to get our recommendations across.

Deep operational experience

Our team have spent the major parts of their career in airports. Heathrow is one of our office bases where we have a registered airside license and all the team have airside passes. All people in AiQ spend a lot of their time airside and landside absorbing the operation and its working.

We have a deep working knowledge and experience of airports in the UK, Europe and Worldwide. Each is different in its operation and culture.

This deep knowledge allows us to sense check the data we are generating, ensuring that it passes the test of working in the real world. Sometimes data may be generated that has missed an element of calibration and needs to be reworked. To the inexperienced it may look right, but a senior member of AiQ, who will always vet the output, will question results and re-work.

Generating value for the client

AiQ understand the airport as a business, holistically and as a multitude of sub-businesses. The question we always ask is what value can we add?

In our recommendations we strive to add value for the client. Our clients trust us to solve complex operational challenges, give pragmatic advice and hands on support. Here’s the proof, read some of our testimonials.

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