TransvisionAiR™ Takes Off

Our bespoke simulation modeling tool, TransvisionAiR™, is set to bring efficiencies to even more airports worldwide.

AiQ Consulting recently received our registration of certificate for our trademark TransvisionAiR™ from EUIPO. This European Union trademark, valid in all 28 countries of the European Union, cements TransvisionAiR™’s reputation for visualing change and demand forecasting whilst testing the functionality and performance of new or existing concepts in airports.

TransvisionAiR™ develops simulations that accurately model all processes, passenger and baggage flows throughout airports, integrating an up-to-date database with assumptions, rules and actual data, including data on flight schedules, airlines, handlers, vehicles, passenger and more.

Our team recently used TransvisionAiR™ to analyse the data concerning the functionality and flow of Gatwick’s Interterminal Transit System station. This was an extremely cost efficient method of exploring new design and build options in the airport terminal and was of great benefit to the client.

The project looked at the effectiveness of installing PRM lifts in the Interterminal Station to ease access for both PRM and general passenger flow. Using TransvisionAiR™, we projected the amount of space and access required, which included using the data to convey typical human behaviour in all of the passengers travelling through the terminal. The simulations followed designated individual passengers from the concourse and showed the design flows, objectives and outcomes.

In this case, these TransvisionAiR™ simulations gave the client, stakeholders and designers the confidence that the changes would not affect the passenger flow adversely, and also would improve the PRM flow. Testing the system to the limits in the simulation proved that providing the lifts meant that the design of the terminal did not have to change even if the trains were at full capacity.

For more examples of how using TransvisionAiR™ can improve your airport, contact us today , look at our case studies or Our Tools.