What benefits do AiQ bring as Airport Consultants?

As a trusted partner to airports worldwide, we pride ourselves on our holistic airport capability. Our experienced team of airport consultants work with clients and stakeholders, large and small, realising problems and providing effective, risk-aware solutions to their capacity challenge.

Viewing airports holistically allows us to deliver intelligent airport consultancy, creating and delivering cost effective, efficient capacity planning solutions.

Our Approach

Our approach has always been to view the airport as a whole – whether there are issues at departures or arrivals, this holistic method allows us to view problems and solutions as having an impact throughout the passenger journey, not at just one point.

No airport is the same as another, whether this is in terms of demographics and airlines or processes. Our holistic method allows us to consider each airport as an individual entity and as, practical airport operational experts, the solutions we propose are always considered within all areas of that individual airport.

Our Tools

AiQ’s bespoke simulation modeling tool, Transvision AiR™, demonstrates clarity on airport capacity designs, enabling efficient decision-making. If there is a number to your challenge, we can calculate a solution.

Transvision AiR™ enables our clients to visualise change, whilst we test the functionality and performance of new or existing concepts. Again, we approach our simulations holistically, capturing all the data we need to truly recreate passenger journeys, the routes of PRM buggies or the flow of baggage throughout the airport.

Our Team

With engineers, airport planners, applied mathematicians and computer programmers, we provide a complete airport consultancy team. As well as technical support and solutions, our team also delivers decision support and stakeholder management. We guide you and your team through evaluation and design, to a result that works for your airport holistically.

As the infographic below shows, the holistic approach to airports, evaluation, decision-making and solutions, is embedded within every area of service that AiQ provide.

AiQ Consulting are holistic airport consultants who can deliver solutions at any stage of airport design or capacity planning. Clients such as Heathrow, Syndey Airport, Leeds Bradford Airport, British Airways, Arup, Babcock and Atkins have all benefited from our approach.

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