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AiQ Consulting Services

AiQ Consulting Services

AiQ covers all areas of the Airport Consultancy with our holistic approach to capacity planning and operational efficiencies.

We improve passenger experience, protect your operation and reduce risk. By realising ‘unseen’ capacity, optimising the use of what is already available, as well proving future designs or masterplans that are efficient from the outset, we help airports around the world achieve more with what they already have.

In the airfield, we maximise your airport’s competitive advantage with intelligent airfield planning, keeping pace with existing and future aircraft demands by optimising your airfield capacity. We look at major aircraft traffic surfaces, such as runways, taxiways and stands; current and future flight schedules; and capacity issues and risk that airport, operators and airlines face on any given day.

We also develop operational concepts for terminals, proving layouts and evaluating existing facilities for efficient use of resources (airport baggage check, baggage handling systems, passenger screening and more,). We enhance the function of terminal buildings, ensuring long-term utilisation and preventing unnecessary investment costs.

Our Apron capacity planning knowledge improves aircraft turnaround and on-time performance of airlines, handlers and other stakeholders, implementing well planned, organized and efficient processes to keep flight schedules to time. We simulate, optimize and schedule apron operations, as well as identifying problems and delays in the turnaround process.

Our holistic approach, and our in-depth knowledge of every element of the airport, is of great benefit to clients – we work with the airports as a whole, knowing how to work with stakeholders for maximum efficiency and impact. With our management consultancy, we are also able to see projects through from beginning to end and managed them effectively. We are a key part of our client’s approach airport management.

By working with us, they create operational efficiencies, reduce risk and optimise passenger experience.

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