Is your airport ready for 2018? Changes to Hold Baggage Screening Standards

Departure boardAll airports and airport operators should be aware of the upgrade needed in order to comply with Hold Baggage Screening Standard 3, which comes into force in 2018. This framework, regulated by the ECAC (European Civil Aviation Conference), requires airports to achieve detection levels only provided by CAT (Computed Axial Tomography) type detectors.

Seen by many in the industry to be one of the most difficult and costly challenges to be faced by airports in recent years, complying with this standard requires an upgrade of hold baggage screening equipment. This equipment is not only expensive, but also large, adding increased stress on existing airport capacity. It could mean a complete re-build of baggage halls and facilities for many airports.

Has your airport planned for the changes? Do you know how to upgrade your equipment to cause not only minimal disruption to passenger flow, but also to ensure that you make the most of the capacity you have?

The practicalities of upgrading hold baggage screening equipment can cause immense pressure on airport operators and their stakeholders. The effect of such disruption, and the outcome of such changes on airport capacity and passenger flow through terminals should not be underestimated. The use of simulations to study the effects of such changes has been of great benefit to many of our clients.

We use our bespoke simulation modelling tool, TransvisionAiRā„¢, to create clear airport capacity scenario models to enable efficient decision making for our airport clients, operators, ground handlers and other stakeholders. With simple to understand scenario models, we can choose the options that best optimise passenger throughput, improve operating efficiency, reduce congestion and waiting times and enhance the function of terminal buildings.

With the compliance to come into force within two years, your airport should be preparing now. Have you thought about what changes you need to undertake? Talk to us today to find out more