AiQ Consulting Announces Further Contracts in Heathrow

Following on from our earlier news about our contracts in Heathrow in October,  AiQ are pleased to announce another New Contract has been awarded, for Terminal 4.

This T4 Asset Replacement Migration Project will look at replacing the ageing sorting convey system. Using our bespoke simulation tool, Transvision AiR, we will look at possible options for the new convey system in terms of operational efficiency and airport capacity planning, as well as looking at the capacity of the redundant sorters.

This will involve looking at data for the terminal in terms of passenger numbers, passenger flow, airline schedules and more, to ensure an efficient use of resources. We aim to enhance the function of the terminal building, ensuring long-term utilization of the convey system and preventing unnecessary investment costs. This will ensure a positive and efficient passenger experience.

We will also be working with the client and other stakeholders to determine a temporary system whilst the new one is installed, again ensuring the passengers, clients, airlines and other stakeholders experience minimal, if any, disruption.

This project will be led by Rupert Beazley and Jakob Peeker. To find out more, please contact us.