New Contracts Awarded – AIQ Expands Operations at Heathrow

AIQ are please to announce two new contracts at Heathrow that have been awarded over the last few weeks – Terminal 2 simulation model extension and Terminal 3 Integrated  baggage cutting options.

Terminal 2 simulation model Extension (ground handler resource requirements and efficiency)

The first looks at extending the existing Terminal 2 simulation models to look at ground handler resource requirements and operational efficiency for HAL Heathrow Airport Ltd. This is in preparation for when Terminal 2 opens and will involve setting up and implementing surveys; negotiating with stakeholders; holding workshops and process reviews; and developing special processes around individual operations. We will be reporting on staff resources, vehicles and baggage, ULD’s, tins, tugs, dollies and much more.

Looking at Ground Handler requirements and efficiency will also involved reporting on arrival delivery performance on different aircrafts, different stands and different airlines. As you can imagine, there are many handlers, flights and other operations that need to work on a limited space so providing an accurate representation of punctuality, efficiency and risk is essential. Using our unique simulation software, Transvision AiR, we will provide HAL with the data and information they need to ensure a process that realises capacity and creates operational efficiencies.

Terminal 3 Integrated Baggage (IB) Cutting options.

This contract follows on for some previous work we have completed for the client, when we explored several options for the T3 Integrated Baggage Systems. The client has now chosen their preferred option (based on our advice) and require AiQ’s help to prove it.

In the previous project we used Transvision AiR, to assess, revise and prove the preferred option, using our checkin and MUP allocation tools. We have already proved the new system will work, and have all the data to ensure that it will integrate with existing Check-In systems.

Starting in June 2014, the preferred option needs to integrate into the existing CI systems over a period of 18 months, involving an 11 step plan. This involves 11 separate mitigations to achieve a complex integration, with a finish date required in early 2016. AiQ are not only modelling and integrating the brand new baggage system, but we need to take into consideration that airlines are moving in and out of the terminal and the asset replacement and refurbishment programme that is taking place during the period.

AiQ’s capacity modelling solution, will help improve the passenger performance and protect their operation.

To find out more about these contracts, please contact us