Get off to a Flying Start in 2014 with AiQ Consulting

Although we have had many years experience in the aviation industry, working with airports, airlines and other stakeholders to manage and improve capacity and processes, 2013 was launch year for AiQ. The year we brought all of our skills together into one consultancy that works with our clients to enhance their operation efficiencies, and realise the capacity they didn’t know they had.

This was increasingly important as discussion around airport capacity in the South East and the Davies Commission reached a fever pitch towards the end of the year. As businesses, politicians and the public alike debate what would be the best outcome, the strain on facilities in our airports continues.

Heathrow has already reached 98% capacity, and risks losing its status as the busiest airport in the world, as other international hubs, such as Paris and Madrid, vie for that accolade. We are proud to say that we are working with Heathrow on many projects; including the Terminal 4 Asset Replacement Migration Project, Terminal 2 simulation model Extension and Terminal 3 Integrated Baggage (IB) Cutting options; in order to help them realise their capacity further and enhance passenger experience.

2014 will, we hope, bring even more opportunities to assist Heathrow and other airports throughout the world in understanding their operational efficiencies and capacity. 2013 was a great year for us, working on so many different projects and in complete harmony for at least 99% of the time with the many different stakeholders, contractors, employees and companies in the industry. We’re also pleased to see so many of our AiQ travel coffee mugs popping up all over staff canteens and coffee shops!

Projects with regional and low cost airports have been very successful this year, including work with Cardiff and Belfast airports to contribute to the development of their airport masterplans. This includes providing concept and scheme designs for baggage areas, and supporting the main contractors and architects by supplying operational data where appropriate. The challenge with low cost airports, in particular, is to provide maximum efficiency and flexibility for the client at minimal cost  – something that we are always eager to achieve for our clients.

We’re also planning an upgraded version of our unique 2D simulation software, TransvisionAiR. Designed by our software engineers and bespoke to our projects, this simulator provides our clients with practical, simple and easy to use simulations and reports to help them realise capacity, judge risk, and get an insight into the benefit or drawbacks of any future proposed investment.

AiQ also worked further afield in 2013, including the São Nicolau Airport in Republic of Cape Verde (link to case study). This Pop Up airport was designed and constructed within a very short space of time, and within a very short amount of space! Given an area half the size of Oxford’s bus station and a restricted budget, we created a busy, modern, international airport that conforms to RICOA standards and provides an excellent passenger experience. We are very proud of this achievement and look forward to more of the same n 2014.

So – how can we help you in 2014? Do you need to realise capacity? Enhance your operation efficiencies? Or do you simply want to get hold of one of our coveted travel mugs? Contact us today