Is your data telling you the whole story?

Airport Recovery Tool

As we have discussed in our previous blogs demand forecasting and capacity planning rely on good data, but they also rely on expert interpretation of that data. AiQ are immersed in the whole operation to ensure we know every detail to provide insight and solutions.

Data is crucial, but what conclusions to draw?

You can analyse data to death, but what conclusions do you draw? What is the data actually telling you? What are the outcomes used for? What are the causes of the transaction times that the data is showing? What is the trend? What is causing the trend – baggage issues, IT, resources, people, management, layout, use of equipment etc.

Also of value are the observations taken during the survey. What events might be significant? The interesting question for AiQ is how to use the data generated to inform the airport operation, to make improvements and provide solutions.

What is the story?

The ‘story’ is critical to understand what is happening at your airport. We weave a story into your data because the data on its own is meaningless. The data is not an end. The story must be understood by the audience you are communicating with.

AiQ are familiar with the different ‘worlds’ in an airport, the different organisations, different stakeholders and ultimately different people on the client project team. The story must be understood and resonant and completely reflect the operation.

We offer an extra layer of interpretation to help our client understand the story. Our operational surveys are not just surveys, we use our comprehensive airport intelligence to delve deeply into what the numbers actually mean. We’re not solely concerned with numbers and ticking boxes. Understanding the complexity of the airport and the interdependence of operational processes is essential.

At AiQ, our award winning team of operational and analytical experts are dedicated to analysing, modelling and optimising every aspect of an airport. We are trusted to solve complex operational challenges. You can see the proof here in our testimonials.

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