Taking Off in 2016 – AiQ Consulting’s Year in Review Part One


It’s been an extremely productive year for AiQ Consulting. Our team and the variety and scope of our projects have continued to develop throughout 2016 and we’re very proud of the work we have achieved. Join us in our review of the year as we look at our achievements over the next two blogs.

A Global Brand

2016 has been a year of tremendous growth. AiQ Consulting is now recognised as a global brand, as our projects continue worldwide. From India to Dubai to Australia, the breadth and scope of our projects reflect our skilled and dedicated team. New to 2016 has also been our new contract with Eurostar, applying our extensive capacity planning knowledge and passenger journey technology to their check in and security areas.

Sharing our Knowledge

The distribution of our technology; specifically through the licensing of our data modeling expertise; has been a key area this year. As we begin licensing our technology for use by operators and contractors, the way we work has changed.

Our TransvisionAiR™ Departure Baggage Make-up Planning software module allows users to undertake Operational Departure Baggage Planning and create clear airport capacity scenario models to enable efficient decision-making. Our Ground Operating License software and the Airside Licensing Software also paves the way for increasing efficiencies for airports worldwide.

These bespoke simulation modelling tools and unique software allows clients, stakeholders and contractors to visualise change whilst testing the operational viability and performance of new or existing schedules and increase efficiencies throughout their airport. Through the sharing and licensing of this tool, other key players within the aviation industry will be able to benefit from the clarification and insight that our data analysis provides.

We have also been able to share our expertise face-to-face across the world. Director of AiQ, Adrian Todd, joined with Richard Chapman of ADC to take our knowledge of airport capacity management to a wider audience; more specifically in Kuala Lumpur. Their training course offered practical guidance and support to Airport Senior Managers, Airport Consultants and Airport Capacity Analysts involved in capacity planning and operational efficiency within the airport industry.

IATA Modelling Tool

In July 2016, our bespoke IATA Modelling Tool was released. Providing airports with a new and efficient way of assessing their current and future infrastructure and operational needs based on the passenger level of service requirements as outlined in the Airport Development Reference Manual 10th Edition (ADRM), our tool covers areas that affect passenger experience throughout the airport. This includes departures, arrivals, the baggage handling system and the retail area. Our tool enables airports to fulfil and exceed their obligations to their passengers.

These are just a few highlights from a fantastic year for AiQ Consulting, and there’s more to come in part two! If you have a particular contract, project or tool that has stood out for you this year, or if you have your own highlight from 2016, please let us know!

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