The Strains on Airside

Airport apronWith aeroplanes increasing in size, and 38,000 new aircraft to be introduced into the global fleet within next 20 years (statistic Boeing July 2015), airports are beginning to feel the impact of larger aircraft on the apron and airside.

Airports must plan and prepare for the impact of new planes coming into the market, particularly jumbo planes such as the A380. For these jumbo planes, although the weight and size of plane does not cause stress on all runways (either in terms of size and weight), it does impact on all taxiways, parking, terminal space and passenger demand. Read More »

How do we work with our clients and stakeholders?

Any airport contains its own community, much like a small city. The teams of people working in such a fast-paced environment, whether they are airlines, ground handlers, retailers, security or management, have to work well together in order to achieve their goals and passenger satisfaction. Read More »

Strategic Integration Procedures at Menzies plc

We’ve been following the past experience of Adrian Stratta, our Senior Consultant at AiQ Consulting. Adrian has had a fascinating career and we’re very fortunate to be able to gain insights and further understanding from his comprehensive knowledge. In this blog we review his integration role at Menzies USA and notably, the adoption of a People Plan within the delivery.  Read More »

Delivery at Heathrow – How could AiQ Consulting have helped?

We are in the privileged position of having a great team here at AiQ, and even more so when we are joined by new recruits that bring with them useful and enlightening experience and case studies. Adrian Stratta, who has recently joined the team, is one of those individuals. We’ve been lucky enough to get an overview from him of one of his recent projects, with an indication to where potential uplift could have been achieved had AiQ applied their tools and insight. Read More »

Airport Operational Efficiency


Airport capacity is often stretched beyond its limits. One of AiQ’s Consultancy services allows us to view challenges from all angles, providing capacity solutions that the client may not have considered, and, offering insights that increase their operational efficiency without the need for additional investment.

Read on for case studies showing our holistic approach to airport capacity planning, and the results it can achieve. Read More »

Walking you around the Walkabout

One of the highlights of our days is the walkabout – taking time to travel around the airports we work in to collect data, view airside layout changes and take time to talk to stakeholders.

We do official ‘walkabout’s (surveys) of Heathrow once every quarter – This is where we assess the whole of the airport to see what has changed and collect relevant data. It may be that car parking allocations have altered, a temporary building has been erected or a construction project has taken some land – this may cause problems if we have targeted this space as possible land to solve a capacity problem!

Read More »

Providing Services to Consultants

Are you looking for airport consultants or airport capacity planners who can cost effectively deliver and work efficiently with your team?

We are happy to provide our services to other Consultancies where they lack the resource, specific knowledge or the tools to get the job done quickly and efficiently. This includes multi discipline engineer consultants and project managers working in the aviation industry, amongst others.

We have many years experience in working with airport consultant’s engineers and project managers, solving airport capacity problems quickly and innovatively.

What are the benefits in working with AiQ?

  • We work as an extension of your existing team – making you more competitive.
  • We are airport consultants and can communicate with all stakeholders effectively at every level, taking the pressure off your team.
  • We can clearly present solutions using our bespoke simulation tool, Transvision AiR, to clearly demonstrate and prove your proposed change or solution to stakeholders.
  • Using Transvision Air, we can predict and schedule the impact of your planned change.
  • We have the practical attitude, intelligent solutions and excellent consulting skills to give you the confidence and peace of mind that we can deliver any stakeholder capacity challenge.
  • Using our airport expertise, we:
    • optimise facilities and equipment,
    • reduce congestion and waiting times,
    • improve passenger experience.


Find out more about our Services, or contact us today for further information.