What is Airport Capacity Planning & Assessment?

In the first of a series of blogs, we explore the What, Why, How, When and Where of our key services. This month, we look at Airport Capacity Planning and Assessment.


Airport Capacity Planning and Assessment is the process of evaluating how efficiently an airport is used. By collating data about the airport, including schedules, passenger and baggage figures and more, AiQ uses our bespoke tools and experience in order to help our clients visualise how the airport is used, where the capacity is (or is not) and what can be done to improve both capacity and efficiency.

This could be something simple like looking at inter-terminal coach schedules and determining whether more coaches would be needed after Terminal changes, or something more complex, such as capacity planning for a temporary structure to serve as a commercial airport within a restricted space and budget.


There are wide benefits in using our Airport Capacity Planning and Assessment service. It helps airports visualise how they are using their existing capacity, and how peak periods or unforeseen circumstances can stretch their service against their set standards or SLAs. We can also help them realise ‘unseen’ capacity, optimising the use of what is already available, to provide suggestions of how capacity can be utilised more efficiently. We can also test future designs or masterplans, to ensure they are efficient from the outset. Financial analysis and development capabilities are also considered, to give a holistic approach.


Our unique 2½D modelling software, Transvision AiR, creates clear airport capacity scenario models to enable us to provide the client with the information they need for efficient airport capacity planning. They can then visualise change in a simple way whilst testing the functionality and performance of new or existing concepts.

Using our own software, designed and updated by our team, allows us to be the expert – providing quick, timely answers to identify problems and provide solutions, on a cost-efficient basis. This is software as a service.

We also work with other consultancies, stakeholders, architects, ground handlers, airlines, management teams and more to provide a smooth, efficient, well-managed process from start to finish.


This typically depends on the client, but it can be seasonal – looking at busy peak summer periods and the changing schedules, or it can be linked to carrier or Terminal changes.

Clients may ask us to evaluate their airport holistically to gauge capacity against increasing demand or we may be asked to contribute during the construction of a new airport or terminal.


AiQ have worked with many airports to provide this service, including London Heathrow, where we maintain an airport capacity model with a reportable database and 2½D visual vehicle simulation of the entire airport Terminal Airside Operations, and GMR Hyderabad, using an Airport Capacity Assessment to augment capacity utilising their existing Terminal footprint.

Other airports include London Gatwick, Cardiff, Belfast and São Nicolau Airport in Cape Verde.

For more information about our solutions to airport capacity planning and assessment, contact us today.