Putting Low Cost to the Test

AiQ works with many clients – from airport operators to handlers – and we always ensure that their needs are met. Whether it is providing input into baggage systems or designing a new terminal, we can provide operational efficiencies, increased capacity and an enhanced passenger experience.

This is something that is crucial when we work with Low Cost airports. Although for these airports the budgets are less, we do not put the client’s needs at any lower priority. In fact, in most of our case studies we have used this to an advantage, looking at ways to increase revenue by redesigning forecourts and drop off areas.

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New Contracts Awarded – AIQ Expands Operations at Heathrow

AIQ are please to announce two new contracts at Heathrow that have been awarded over the last few weeks – Terminal 2 simulation model extension and Terminal 3 Integrated  baggage cutting options.

Terminal 2 simulation model Extension (ground handler resource requirements and efficiency)

The first looks at extending the existing Terminal 2 simulation models to look at ground handler resource requirements and operational efficiency for HAL Heathrow Airport Ltd. This is in preparation for when Terminal 2 opens and will involve setting up and implementing surveys; negotiating with stakeholders; holding workshops and process reviews; and developing special processes around individual operations. We will be reporting on staff resources, vehicles and baggage, ULD’s, tins, tugs, dollies and much more.

Looking at Ground Handler requirements and efficiency will also involved reporting on arrival delivery performance on different aircrafts, different stands and different airlines. As you can imagine, there are many handlers, flights and other operations that need to work on a limited space so providing an accurate representation of punctuality, efficiency and risk is essential. Using our unique simulation software, Transvision AiR, we will provide HAL with the data and information they need to ensure a process that realises capacity and creates operational efficiencies.

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The Runway Debate Rumbles On…

The debate over the runway capacity of the South East, and the demands that are to come in future years, has rumbled on these last few weeks after a speech from the head of the Airports Commission, Sir Howard Davies.

The Airports Commission has come to the “provisional conclusion” that extra runway capacity would be needed in the South East over the coming decades, and that to rely on existing runways would lead to “a distinctly sub-optimal solution”.

There will be excess demand, even taking into account regional airports and a conservative view of future aviation demand, which does point to the need for a new runway infrastructure in the South East.

AIQ welcomes these developments and are glad that the airport capacity issue is being reviewed. The Department for Transport’s UK Aviation Forecast in January 2013 has already found that demand for air travel is forecast to increase within the range of 1% – 3% a year up to 2050, with the major South East airports predicted to be full by 2030. …Continue reading…