What Impact does New Technology Have on Security?

Recent contracts have impressed on our team just how much of an impact that new changes in technology have had on security at airports.

Online check in, 2 step bag drop, and other hold baggage systems and baggage handling advancements have made the check in process much smoother and easier for passengers and airlines, but what does this mean for the security of airports? …Continue reading…

Meet our Team: Marina del Val Pérez

This edition of our series of Meet the Team Q&As is with Airport Planner, Marina del Val Pérez. A business analyst with theoretical knowledge of airports and air traffic management, as well as a Master’s Thesis defining airspace capacity and a MSc in Aeronautical Engineering, Marina undertakes a client consultancy and development support role for Airport Demand & Capacity Planning.

What is a typical day like at AiQ?

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Does the Aviation industry do enough for PRMs and their rights?

A great article in International Airport Review recently highlighted the definition of Passengers with Restricted Mobility (PRM) and their rights.

As a number of our past and current projects have looked in depth at the journey of PRMs throughout an airport, and how they must be considered when looking at capacity and passenger flow, we found this to be an illuminating insight. …Continue reading…

Taking our Aviation Industry Knowledge To Other Sectors

Eurostar St Pancras Terminal

Although we mainly work with airports, AiQ Consulting and our talented team are able to respond and adapt to a variety of client needs. We can transfer our skills, knowledge and tools to many different sectors that benefit from capacity planning and simulation.

In 2016, AiQ Consulting was asked by the high-speed railway service, Eurostar to apply our extensive terminal knowledge from the aviation industry to carry out a capacity and feasibility assessment for their St Pancras terminal. …Continue reading…

The Fast-Growing Indian Aviation Industry – What Next for India?

There have been many positive developments in the India’s fast-moving civil aviation sector. The National Civil Aviation Policy (NCAP) has finally been put into place and India has emerged as the fastest growing aviation market in the world. Currently ranked ninth, India is predicted to rise to third largest within two to three years.

Passenger traffic has increased by 17.6 percent in 2015-16 and growth is being maintained in 2016-17, with traffic growing at 19.1 percent during the period April to November. According to AAI (Airports Authority of India), over the next two years, traffic is projected to grow at 14 percent per annum to reach 290 million by 2017-18.

This staggering growth has had a number impact on the numbers connected with the aviation industry in India:

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From Check-in to Gate – The Journey of a Passenger Bag

When you are excited about your holiday or contemplating that important business meeting overseas, you don’t pay much attention to what happens to your bag when you drop it off at check-in. It’s only if something goes wrong that you contemplate the complicated Baggage Handling System (BHS) that goes on behind the scenes. …Continue reading…

Where will you find AiQ over the next few months?

We’ve got a busy 2017 coming up, with lots of exciting new projects and attendance at various aviation industry events throughout the year.

Our team really enjoys our presence at these seminars, expos and conferences. They are a great opportunity to learn about new issues, technology or legislation affecting airports and the aviation industry worldwide. They also offer the prospect of connecting with new and old clients, peers, prospects and suppliers. It gives us the chance to explore the possibilities of our services and technology with others; whether it is the experience of our skilled team, or the groundbreaking TransvisionAiR™ software.

So, where will AiQ be over the first few months of 2017?

India’s 11th Annual Conference on Airports in India, 30-31 January, New Delhi  …Continue reading…

TransvisionAiR™ Takes Off

Our bespoke simulation modeling tool, TransvisionAiR™, is set to bring efficiencies to even more airports worldwide.

AiQ Consulting recently received our registration of certificate for our trademark TransvisionAiR™ from EUIPO. This European Union trademark, valid in all 28 countries of the European Union, cements TransvisionAiR™’s reputation for visualing change and demand forecasting whilst testing the functionality and performance of new or existing concepts in airports.

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GSE Pooling – The Benefits for Airports

There is a significant benefit to GSE Pooling for airports, where studies suggest that planning the use of a pool of ground service equipment for use by all ground handlers, instead of the usual method of individual ownership and storage, can reduce the space used in the apron by up to 24%.

What is Ground Services Pooling?

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