Taking AiQ’s Knowledge of Airport Capacity Management to a Wider Audience

Airport Capacity Training Course

Alongside Richard Chapman of ADC (Airport Design Consult), Director of AIQ Consulting, Adrian Todd , undertook a training course in Kuala Lumpur in October 2016 offering practical advice, guidance and support to Airport Senior Managers, Airport Consultants and Airport Capacity Analysts involved in capacity planning and operational efficiency within the airport industry. …Continue reading…

Talent is the Key to our Success


The ability of our team, and how we work together effectively, has long been part of AiQ’s strategy. Our people are one of the most important aspects of AiQ and we take them, and their training, seriously.

“Part of the AiQ vision was to have the best people quickly and easily solving the most complex problems; and presenting solutions in a simple and cost effective ways.” Adrian Todd, Director .

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Meet our Team – Graduate Airport Planner – Mevin Varghese


A welcome return to our series of Meet the Team Q&As with Mevin Varghese, our Graduate Airport Planner. Mevin is an experienced Architect with a background in terminal planning and architecture and his role at AiQ involves technical capacity planning and assessing process models and solutions.

What is a typical day like at AiQ?

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New Contracts for Autumn 2016


AiQ Consulting are proud to announce three new contracts for Autumn 2016.

Heathrow Terminal 5

AiQ are providing support for the ECAC Std 3 HBS Replacement Program at Heathrow Terminal 5 for MACE. For this mandatory security upgrade requirement for 2018, we have been awarded the contract to Benchmark the Performance and Functionality of the HBS System, prior to replacement of 29 HBS machines. Further, AiQ are undertaking Capacity and Performance assessments, on an ongoing basis, which in turn inform the replacement Mitigation Phasing Plans, to assure Stakeholders that performance will not be degraded during and after the assets are replaced.

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Introducing New Ways of Thinking for Hold Baggage Screening


Airports are under increasing pressure to provide more efficient Hold Baggage Screening (HBS). Whilst the space and capacity available to airports remains fixed, the needs of passengers and airlines are growing as the number of passengers travelling through airports rises year on year.

AiQ Consulting have been able to work with several leading airport operators and contractors in order to improve Hold Baggage Screening at some of the world’s busiest airports. Our experienced team, along with our bespoke modeling tools and stakeholder management skills, has seen us recognised as an worldwide authority in baggage systems.

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India’s New Aviation Policy – Encouraging Growth for the Market


India’s new Aviation Policy came into force in June 2016, following a considered and successful consultation period.

With India as the world’s fastest-growing aviation market, and expected to become the third largest aviation market in the world before 2025, the new policy reflects that position and enables the country to work towards accelerating growth.

The Indian Government first released their draft policy in 2014, making revisions and gaining feedback from stakeholders throughout the two-year period to produce a well thought-out and integrated policy to encourage the development of the Indian Aviation market.

The vision is to make flying affordable for the masses. The Indian Government also aims to enable: …Continue reading…

AiQ’s Olympic Legacy

London 2012

With more than 10,000 athletes staying at the village of 31 apartment blocks close to the Olympic Park during the Rio Olympic Games, there must be a fair amount of logistical problems for officials to face. Although the media doesn’t always hear about them, especially if everything goes to plan and there are no disasters, there will always be thousands of people working hard behind the scenes to make such a massive event possible.

This is something that AiQ Consulting has a lot of experience in! During the London 2012 Games, we worked with various contractors and clients to organise the Pop-Up terminal at Heathrow for the thousands of athletes arriving and departing London before and after the Games.

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How can regional airports define optimum success?


For small regional airports, reaching the optimum passenger Levels of Service (LoS) can be hard to achieve. Without the large support network, stakeholders and suppliers that a hub airport possesses, regional airports may find it difficult to know how large their check in area should be, whether their passengers are travelling through departures in an acceptable amount of time, and if their arrivals procedure is up to scratch. …Continue reading…

Working in Partnership at Airports Worldwide


There is long history of suppliers and contractors working in partnership to generate the best results for clients. Airports, and the aviation industry as a whole, rely on different companies working together strategically to achieve their aims. While we can offer expertise in airport capacity planning, baggage systems, data modeling and stakeholder engagement, AiQ collaborate with teams of other contactors, such as airport design consultants, project managers and baggage design consultants, all contributing their own relevant specialisms. …Continue reading…

Defining the optimum level of service for airports worldwide


AiQ Consulting’s new IATA Modelling Tool provides airports with a new and efficient way of assessing their current and future infrastructure and operational needs based on the passenger level of service (LoS) requirements as outlined in the Airport Development Reference Manual 10th Edition (ADRM). The ADRM, published by IATA, has defined excellence in airport design for millions of passengers worldwide for over 40 years. …Continue reading…